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She Blinded Me With Boxcutters & Furnace Creek split tape (c60)


showcase of industrial/electronic duos from TN & NC.
Boxcutters are a hardware based minimal synth industrial act from Johnson City, TN & their side is a soundtrack for various traumatic events.
plodding rhythms, dark synthscapes & screechs of theremin intermingling with shards of broken glass provide the backdrop for nightmares narrated by various found samples.
Furnace Creek are a 2 piece electronic/experimental/industrial crew based in Asheville NC.
their side scrapes into existence at a low rumble before unleashing a sonic assault that mixes ambient textures, degraded techno beats & witchhouse vibes into a strange brew all their own.
30 minutes per side/artist, packaged in a clamshell book on tape style case with wrap around artwork & custom inserts/labels.