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False Crime pamphlet set: urban legend deprogramming series


Phantasia fun pack.
a new False Crime pamphlet series focused on debunking urban legends, especially Satanic Panic era myths that were the most prevalent when I was growing up.
the goal is to somewhat reproduce the original propaganda with my own spin on it but then reveal the facts as well, like an update on unsolved mysteries, to use said propaganda as a way of setting the record straight on these subjects.
first up is the late 80s/early 90s Mickey Mouse Acid hoax.
there are plenty of variations on this one out there but most feature more or less the same message with different popular characters updated for the times like Bart Simpson, Beavis & Butthead & even sports teams logos.
this is the one that circulated when I was in elementary school & I've been fascinated with it ever since, only to find out years later it was all a hoax from a still unknown source, photocopied & changed ever so slightly over the years & slipped through the hands of paranoid parents at PTA meetings.
also includes the mini "antiarchitecture" collage zine & another anonymous mystery mini pamphlet.