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BODY TERROR trilogy (3 comics + bonus pamphlet)

$8.00 / On Sale

the first 3 volumes of Body Terror so far, plus a bonus pamphlet.
(adult content, 18+)

Body Terror is a 20+ page, b&w experimental adult horror comic.
the first 2 issues were released in 2019 & chronicle the origins of the mutant Tentacle Family in the wasteland town of Motherfuckerville.
the newest volume was just released in 2020 & is an anthology style edition featuring the Family as well as other residents & visitors to their fucked up world including a deathgrind band comprised of freaks & accident victims, a little girl who can see people's darkest secrets, the mysterious BTK Twins, a PSA from Homicide Wolf, as well as a couple pages from the now abandoned "Heroes of Free Jazz" zine & a few other surprises like a wrap around cover, pull out poster & map of Motherfuckerville.
this set also includes a bonus pamphlet, "KILL KILL KILL MURDER MURDER MURDER" that is a tribute to Gangsta Boo through dark art renditions of some of her lyrics, only available with this collection.