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False Crime zine set: Public Execution + Visions of the Void.

$5.00 / On Sale

set of 2 thematically connected books in the False Crime/Eye Violence series.
12 pages each, b&w "diegest" style zines.
no staples for easy dissection & full immersion.

Public Execution is art & commentary on this rotten world.
includes one previously published short story, a page of Fond Affections extreme personal ads, classifieds section and other assorted art & propaganda.
adults only please.

Visions of the Void is a volume of art & text inspired by true crime & the aesthetics of the criminal mind. reprints a story previously produced as a pamphlet,
a full size pull out centerfold, variations on famous serial killer art & a visit to the NOLA Museum of Death.
adult subject matter.